Montessori Aged 3 to 5 Years

We offer the E.C.C.E. scheme in this room.

In the Buttercup Room, our curriculum, based on the Montessori model, is delivered by experienced, qualified professionals in a bright and spacious classroom, equipped with specialized Montessori learning resources. The classroom is print-rich with a variety of high-quality learning tools available; from books to a dressing-up area, construction benches and kitchenettes, sand and water area, and much more.

In the Buttercup Room, children are allowed to develop at their own pace within the limits of a carefully structured environment.

Using specialised Montessori equipment, the children work at different activities at their own pace. Because the child is constantly being stimulated and challenged, he or she develops a balanced active mind.

Our aims in the Buttercup Room are:

  • To build self-confidence
  • To develop a positive attitude towards school and learning
  • To foster curiosity and develop concentration
  • To develop initiative and perseverance
  • To enable a sense of order and security in every child.