Babies Aged 6 Months to 1 Year

The Snowdrop Room is a very important room at Bluebell Childcare, as it houses very important members of the Bluebell family – our babies.

In the Snowdrop Room, we care for babies from 6 ½ months up to when they are just over 12 months and ready to begin exploring a different space and meet new challenges and faces! In our Snowdrop Room, care-givers work very closely with parents to give continuity to the child’s daily routine from home at Bluebell Childcare.

Every baby has their own cot in our sleep-room and the room is built for the safety and comfort of babies. Babies are cared for, encouraged to meet milestones, stimulated through action, song, dance and reading from their first day. Babies even explore our monthly themes in age-appropriate fun ways so that they are included in our thematic learning.

Our Snowdrop Room provides a calm and happy environment in which babies can develop and grow with encouragement, reinforcement and love.